PLATFORM 1.0: Become Part in the Future of Finance.

We Believe

As we can see in today economy, the wealth distribution was not as fair as what human need. The richer become richer and dominate the whole world economy and yet this group only presented 1-2 % populations. Obviously the economy was not fairly distribute. Who to blame? Does blaming matters? Definitely NOT. Community need to act, people need to act, human need to act. We need to do something right and start moving.

Thanks to Satoshi Nakamoto to his brilliant effort creating Bitcoin. The model of this new world economy could benefit us is in the making.

Introducing Sustaincoin.

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3 stages of Platform to release Sustaincoin final result.

STC Exchange & Marketplace

Super liquid exchange to transact cryptocurrencies using STC as main pair and various product avaiable on STC marketplace.

Easy & Safe Payments

Multi cross platform for wallet managment.


Every coins created through Proof-of-Matrix broadcast transparently via Telegram bot on public channel .

User friendly

Designed with users in mind and with best UI/UX practices. One click to buy/sell/send transactions with STC or BTC.

Time is Money. Explore! You will love it.

Rewards shall be given to you as an investor by DOUBLING your Bitcoin & get Sustaincoin ICO (“Proof of Matrix”). Marketer that spread the news, shall get 10% referral fee, paid in Bitcoin. Platform 1.0 end when ICO reach 40% total distribution.

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While proof-of-matrix continues on the stage 1, we will releases sustaincoin 2.0 (STC) cryptocurrency in Q1/Q2 2017. Metric for distribution is based on total Block contributed. For example if you generated 100 iSTC LOT on the platform, you’ll earns 1 STC on the release date. The parity is 1 iSTC LOT = 0.01 STC.

Dedicated to decentralization through meaningful innovation.

Algorithm: X11i
SustainCoin combined a chained hashing algorithm called X11 + PoM that earlier use to generated 40% of coins production. We call it X11i.
Block time: 120 SECONDS
Difficulty retarget time: EACH BLOCK
Reward retarget time: EACH BLOCK
Total coins: 21 MILLION STC