ICO has ended

Current Distribution
6344537.15382678 STC
Percentage Distribution
2.81 %
Coin Release Date
ICO Price Per 1 STC
Fixed at $0.001

We Believe

Fair Wealth Distribution

We are living in the world which has been dominated by just a single 1 (one) percent of super duper wealthy people. Obviously the economy was not fairly distributed. Who to blame? Does blaming matters? Definitely NOT. Community need to act, people need to act, human need to act. We need to do something right and start moving.

Sustaincoin objective clearly define is to brake the monopoly by this group. If most people use sustaincoin in our daily life, we believe we all can make changes if every single of us unite.

Guaranteed Returns

Normal cryptocurrencies requires custom hardware, but sustaincoin staking can be done easly by using your windows computer, Staking is energy-efficient and doesn't require massive computing power to mine the blocks and secure the network.

After sustaincoin are held for 30 days period you are eligible to earn a 10% annualized reward. STC allows larger stake holders to be rewarded more.

The Features

Dedicated to decentralization through meaningful innovation.


SustainCoin is energy-efficient, because it is based on the coins you hold, rather than on your processing power.

Fair Distribution

Staking earns you 10% annually or 0.83% monthly - better than your bank interest. Coins are first eligible to stake 30 days after they have been transferred, and after 90 days, their chance of success is maximized. If you stake more often, your earnings will compound!.

Secure the Network

Each time your stakes generates a block, your coins help
guard the network. Mathematics secures the network and empowers
individuals to control their own finances.

Sustaincoin AEP

Sustaincoin Application Enhancement Program shall drive developer
to develop more application using our API in the easiest way possible.

The Platform

We built it by inspirations; for mankind.

"Everything is designed, but some things are well designed."

Platform 1.0

We are here now to raise fund in developing Platform 2.0. Rewards shall be given to you as an investor by DOUBLING your Bitcoin & get Sustaincoin ICO (“Proof of Matrix”). Marketer that spread the news, shall get 10% referral fee, paid in Bitcoin. Platform 1.0 end when ICO reach 40% total distribution

This stage has ended.

Platform 2.0

Developing a real crypto currency name SUSTAINCOIN Investors that gain Sustaincoin ICO can trade Sustaincoin over worldwide cypto exchange platform. Miner can also get their reward by stakingsustaincoin (“Proof of Stake”).

This stage now opening.

Platform 3.0

Developing and introducing well verse API for business integration to use Sustaincoin as one of the world currency.More advance staking feature will be introduce at this time as the block change to be like a BANK that give interest to Sustaincoin holder (“Proof of Stake Time”).


The Roadmap

The journey for humanity. Help us to build better world.

Develop Concept
January 2016

ICO Distribute
October 2016

Exchange Live
Q2 2017

Sustaicoin AEP
Q3 2017

Idea Creation
December 2015

Web Launching
October 2016

STC Launching
Q2 2017

API Release
Q2-Q3 2016

The Team

Whatever it may for better.


Lead Developer

Well versed multi language developer with 29 years experience, end to end IT solutions (since very young age). Started his career in Finnish company and yet become architect in one of the earliest and biggest IT company.

Nix Maxwell


Security & Blockchain Expert

Passion into security drive him into crypto involvement since 2011. Started his career in one of well known IT security company and now he is an IT security consultant for various sector worldwide.